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Insight Magazine Q3 2019

In this issue: County Government invite LPG investors in rural areas, Clean-Air(Africa) to support communities transition to LPG.

Presents piled high under a tree laden with tinsel and twinkling lights? The whole family tucking into roast turkey with all the trimmings around the dinner table? Whatever your focus is during the festive period, one thing’s for sure – one of the main reasons Christmas is so important is its ‘giving to others’ aspect.

We all love to receive presents (unless it’s another dodgy tie or bath set to add to your collection), but isn’t the act of giving them so much better? One way you can extend your giving even more is by simply choosing to send charity Christmas cards.

Candlelighters is a charity that helps to fight children’s cancer by covering everything from funding for research to providing new hospital equipment. Rain Rescue is a rescue centre for cats and dogs in need and has been in business since 2002. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance, meanwhile, is completely funded by donations and needs to raise £12,000 a day to keep its two helicopters up in the air in order to continue making life-saving rescues. Lastly, there’s the Alzheimer’s Society, which supports and helps people with dementia – and their families – across the UK. It also helps to fund research.

It is estimated that each year, the sending and giving of charity Christmas cards raises £50 million for worthy causes such as those mentioned above. So with Instantprint promising to donate £5 for every order of its Christmas cards this year, if the UK’s Christmas card tradition continues, this target should surely be met.

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