Membership Benefits

The Petroleum Institute of East Africa (PIEA) is the professional body for the oil industry in the region. The mission of the PIEA is to provide a forum for expertise and excellence in the oil industry, promote professionalism and free enterprise in the petroleum business supported by the highest operations and business standards.

The PIEA was formed in 1999 by oil industry Executives from companies, agencies, and individuals with direct or indirect participation in the oil sector as a membership association for oil industry stakeholders to lobby,create sufficient laws, foster best practices,& standards and to promote self regulation, following the liberalization of the industry in 1994.

The PIEA core objectives include;

  • Lobbying with policy makers and regulatory agencies for the provision of a legal, stablefair, free and competitive market environment.
  • Fostering high standards and practices in the oil industry in East Africa by working with stakeholders, government and regulatory agencies to facilitate the development and sustenance of Petroleum standards, guidelines and best
  • Professionalism by building capacity through specialized petroleum training offered at the School of Petroleum Studies-a subsidiary of the
  • Providing a forum for interaction for/between industry and other stakeholders
  • Carrying out public safety education and awareness on various petroleum related subjects
  • Promoting self-regulation The PIEA Activities include:
  • Participation in drafting petroleum, policy, regulation.& standards
  • Participation in other professional associations to increase industry representation on issues affecting petroleum business
  • Creation of centers of petroleum focus in key regulatory
  • Hosting industry activities on behalf of members
  • Equipping sector stakeholders with relevant competences and skills required to adequately carry out their responsibilities and obligations through specialized petroleum training
  • Developing systems and processes that support compliance hence promote self-regulation
  • Engaging petroleum associations and stakeholders in the EA region for the establishment of harmonized standards & practices
  • Publishing of books for sale on specific petroleum subjects
  • Publishing of a quarterly Energy journal, Petroleum Insight


PIEA has the following categories of Membership

  • Senior Corporate ( Large marketing companies plus KPRL, KPC as well Companies in the Upstream business )
  • Junior Corporate (smaller marketing companies )
  • Associate members ( petroleum contractors/transporters/equipment suppliers/service providers)
  • Individual members (industry professionals, consultants )


PIEA Member Benefits Include;

  • Opportunity to effectively set the agenda and lobby as one unit in the design and implementation of policy, regulatory and standards formulation as well as infrastructure development of the upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum
  • Leadership in charting the appropriate forums for interaction, exchange of ideas and expertise
  • Development and approval of the sector’s capacity building agenda
  • Admittance to participate in forums/platforms that allow for interaction between industry and/or with other stakeholders.
  • Participation in various Government as well as PIEA steered Committees constituted for purposes of improving and enhancing business through development of standards,best practices and systems for petroleum regulations compliance at all
  • Access to specialized petroleum training at the PIEA’s School of Petroleum Studies at highly discounted rates,
  • Access to industry data and information
  • Access to the PIEA reference library
  • Opportunity to network with decision makers in and out of the industry
  • Partnership opportunities on Member activities that advance PIEA objectives